How JPEG works

How the jpeg app works. 

We give users a blank canvas from where they can run their personal online businesses. We make it easy and accessible for anyone to sell anything online no matter what you sell - no matter who you are - no matter where you live. 


Our platform operates differently than the majority of marketplaces. We embrace the social aspect of shopping by connecting users to users and then they have the option of browsing and shopping their feeds. We make it easy for you to find people your interested in by gathering your app activity data and matching you with people with similar interests via complex algorithms.


We are an open peer to peer social marketplace. This means that sellers have zero limitations over what they can sell and ultimate freedom. No more categories means no more constraints. Instead, users on our platform sell via interests. We are removing the inefficient and outdated way of selling through rigid categories and replacing it with selling through flexible interests. This means that your listings are only being shown to people who are actually interested in your item and buyers on our platform buy collectively, and sellers sell to communities of people with shared interests. 

Listing types

Currently, we have four different listing types:

1. jpeg - The jpeg listing type is a standard digital image post. You can add multiple jpegs in one post and also add it into specific interests to gain more exposure or collections to keep things organized. You can use this listing type if you are not looking to sell anything, but keep your buyers/followers/audience up-to-date and engaged. 

2. sale -  The sale listing type allows you to sell items via a standard sale. Buyers can make comments, place offers and also buy now directly. 

3. auction - The auction listing type allows you to hold private and public auctions. Buyers can place bids or buy now directly. Auctions end once the duration period is over and the payment is confirmed by the highest bidder.

4. competition - The competition listing type allows you to sell items via a competition. Sellers will set the amount of entries and price per entry. Buyers can buy entries to the competition. Once the duration period is over or all entries are sold, the winner will be selected at random and they will have to confirm payment.


When listing an item for sale, auction or competition, you can set a fixed percentage of that listings final sale to be donated to an account or a charitable organization/ not-for-profit of your choice. The percentage you set will be taken from the final sale after transaction fees have been deducted. The donation amount will be deposited directly into the current balance of the account/ charitable organizations and they will receive a notification about the details of your donation.


Posts that come up on your search as well as homepage are determined by your interests. As your interests change over time, so will the posts on your home/search feeds. You can filter posts on your feeds by category, listing type or interest.